4 Hot Chocolate Bombs, Brownies and Flapjacks


Winter Warmer Hot Chocolate Bombs sets  with 4 fresh baked brownies and flapjacks  can be posted anywhere in the UK for £3.50..  Perfect for a winters evening, snuggly treat.  The handmade chocolate bombs contain hot chocolate, cocoa powder and marshmallows which is encased in milk chocolate which melts when hot milk is poured over it.  The kids will love seeing the contains magically appear which can then just be stirred for a lovely milky treat.  The chocolate brownies are home made with just the right amount of gooeyness and the all-butter Flapjack is soft and slightly chewy.

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Contains Milk.  Our products are made in a non-protective atmosphere and therefore may contain traces of any of the 14 main allergens.  Please contact us for further information.

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